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v5.79 – April 16 2018
+ Actions window: refresh after duplicating custom action
+ Audio Units: improve support for AU that use multiple buses but do not support channel-configuration (e.g. Addictive Drums AUi) [t=203534] [t=205618]
+ Automation items: fix crash when pasting to a track with more than 127 automation items (5.78 regression)
+ Envelopes: do not clamp written volume envelope automation to visible envelope maximum
+ Free item positioning: order items by timeline position if they were split from the same original recording
+ Glue: round start/end times to project samplerate [t=205043]
+ Keyboard: pass through spacebar in various windows to main window
+ Localization: improve routing window organization [p=1974922]
+ Localization: various fixes [p=1974917] [p=1974919] [p=1963506]
+ MIDI editor: double/halve note length actions update pre-quantized state
+ MIDI editor: fix possible crash when closing project tab [t=204933]
+ MIDI editor: fix potential hang when text/sysex message list is left out of order by ReaScript [t=205010]
+ MIDI editor: improve multi-context grid quantization behavior [t=137514]
+ MIDI editor: in source beats piano roll view, show edit cursor position relative to source
+ Multiprocessing: allow autodetection of up to 32 cores/threads
+ MusicXML: fix importing voiced notes [t=204454]
+ Notation: fix autoscroll issue when opening with out of range zoom levels [p=1976104]
+ Notation: if auto-zoomed-in when switching to notation view, ensure edit cursor visible
+ Notation: improve accidental positions on displaced notes and clusters [p=1971522]
+ Performance meter: optionally show xrun counters
+ ReaScript: prevent buffer overflow if very long string entered in Python path/libname in preferences
+ ReaScript: GetTrackEnvelopeByName()/GetTakeEnvelopeByName() search english names before localized names
+ Solo: improve receive behavior when folder track and child track soloed [t=205456]
+ Undo: fix undo history compacting [t=204162]
+ VST: support wantsChannelCountNotifications canDo
+ Video: add presets to invert colors, rotate to normal zoom/pan
+ Video: add absolute difference and other YUV blend modes to script
+ Windows: fix potential accessibility related crash [t=205483]
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